Chrome Dark Theme – Enable Chrome Night Mode

chrome dark theme | enable chrome night mode

Dark Mode is one of the most useful features that we are getting in our devices. Dark Mode features in smartphones and computer or laptop helps to make the use of device more user-friendly and keep on spending more times on screen. Dark Mode is one of the trending and most awaited features that helps in providing extreme protection to our eyes. Nowadays many of the apps are supporting this feature. If we talk about android then Google has officially introduced this feature in Android 10. You can enable Dark Mode in your android 10 in one tap. Before finding out how to turn on or enable chrome dark theme or chrome night mode, chrome dark mode windows 10, dark mode in chrome pc, chrome dark mode android and all the possible method to enable chrome dark mode in android and windows. Let’s find a summary about What is Dark Mode

chrome dark theme
enable dark mode in chrome pc and android
What is Dark Mode
Dark Mode is the features that turn on the screen background into the deep dark. It is those features which helps to change the background color of the objects shown in the screen into dark transparent. Using dark mode, you can get a lot of benefits. The first benefit that we get from dark mode is that dark mode helps to save the eyes from colorful and white brightness. It also helps to save the eyes from blue light coming from the screen. Dark Mode is just like a night mode or Blue light filter which helps to change the color of the screen to low light. Due to low light on the screen, it helps in saving the battery power and your device may long last. The dark mode also has a feature of more time engagements. It means that you can keep on using your mobile and computer for a long time because dark mode helps to prevent your eyes from itching and blurring as compared to normal mode. Now we are going to discuss about how to enable chrome dark modeandroid and chrome dark mode windows 10.

chrome dark theme | enable chrome night mode

Chrome is one of the most downloaded, used and powerful browsers for various platforms. You can download and use this browser for different operating systems. Chrome is an official browser for an android operating system. Chrome is from the side of Google Company. Chrome provides a different feature as compared to other browsers. Chrome users get many useful features to use. One can add various extensions and add-ns in the chrome browser to make it more user-friendly. One can perform various development activities using a chrome browser. Chrome provides a translate button or bar to translate the web content into a desired language to the users to make easy to understand. It also facilitates password saving options, changing font size, changing themes, background wallpaper, etc. If we talk about development function then we can turn on or enable the functions like dark mode in chrome pc and chrome dark mode android. So, now let’s learn,
How to Turn on chrome dark theme or chrome night mode
Here we are going to show you how to turn on the chrome night mode for,
1. chrome dark mode android
2. chrome dark mode windows 10, 8.1, 8 later
3. From webstore

chrome dark mode android

To enable or turn on chrome night mode or chrome dark mode android you have to follow out these simple steps.
a)  At first, open chrome browser in your android mobile to enable chrome dark mode.
b)  Tap on the search box and type “chrome://flags” and hit enter or Go.
c)  It will redirect you to development mode ‘Experiment’ of the chrome browser in your android smartphones.
d)  Now in the ‘Search flags’ bar, you have to type “dark”.
e)  After typing ‘dark’ in search flags bar it will show a many options down. Here you have to choose the first option, “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” and Enable it fromdropdown box.
f)   After enabling it shows a message “Your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Google Chrome.” So, tap on Relaunch button. It will reopen your chrome browser and you can see chrome dark theme in your android.

Chrome dark mode windows 10, 8.1, 8 later

If you are thinking to enable chrome dark theme or chrome night mode in windows computer and laptop then you can follow up the same process as like above. You can also read the full tutorial for computer and laptop here or for dark mode in chrome pc and chrome dark mode windows 10.
a)  Go to chrome browser in your laptop or PC and type “chrome://flags” in the search box.
b)  It will open Experiments of chrome browser. Here you have to type ‘dark’ after typing dark you have to choose on the first option and click on ‘default’ and choose ‘enabled’.
c)  Click on the ‘Relaunch’ menu.
d)  Finally done!
Using this simple method, you can enable chrome dark theme in your windows and laptop easily.
chrome dark theme
turn on dark mode google android and laptop

Chrome dark theme form chrome web store

Another easiest and commonly used method for chrome night mode is using dark them for chrome from chrome web store. You can download a lot of themes for your chrome browser from the webstore of chrome. To download dark theme or dark mode looks in your google chrome you have to follow these simple steps.
a)  Go to chrome webstore and choose the themes as your choice. If you want to enable dark mode then you have to choose the dark themes from this store.
b)  Choose the theme and open it.
c)  Click on “Add to chrome” to use the theme.
d)  Finally Done.

To enable chrome dark theme for android and windows, you can follow the above method which will help you to turn on dark mode in your google chrome. One can enable chrome dark themeor chrome night mode easily using these simple steps.


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