Developer options android | Developer mode android

Developer options android | Developer mode android

Do you know about developer options android? So, let’s see developer mode android, developer options samsung and all about developer options.
Every smartphone and computer have an option of using developer mode. One can use developer mode android and developer option in computer to roll out the development changes in the device. Developer options become a compulsory and most powerful features to be used by every developer. If we tap 7 times in a baseband version then it will automatically add one new option called developer options or developer mode. When we roll out this option then there are a lot of features to see and use. Although there is an options of developer mode in our smartphones most of us don’t know about it. So, lets learn what is developer options and what is developer mode in android. 

developer options android
what is developer options

Developer options android

Developer options are the options intended for the development use only. It is the options or mode available in your device (Android Smartphones). Using developer mode, you can develop your device by adding and removing the different features and system files. Developer options are those hidden features of the device through which one can develop their device by applying different command in it. What Does Android One Mean, Android Go edition, Android One?

What is developer mode android

Developer options is also called as developer mode which is used for the development project of the device. Through the use of developer mode one can customize the system settings.
what is the use of developer option in android
So, after the topic what is developer options we are here for what is the use of developer option in android. There are many uses of developer options android. Let’s see its uses.
what is the use of developer mode in android?
1.  Development Purpose
2.  Customization
3.  Changing ROM
4.  Changing Boot logo and Name
5.  Enabling Unique Features
6.  Enabling OEM unlock
1.  Development Purpose
The first important features and use of developer mode android or developer options in any device is for developing the system. Using developer mode, a developer and expert can make develop a new setting for the use in different purpose.
what is the use of developer options
2.  Customization
By enabling developer options you can customize your device. Developer option is not only for the development purpose in android but also in windows computer and laptop. You can customize the boot menu, launching style and many more features using developer mode.
3.  Changing ROM
The main reason to use of developer option in android is to change a ROM. It is compulsory to enable a developer option in an Android device to root and install Recovery menu to flash any file. So, the first stage in Flashing and changing a ROM is to root the device, which is possible only through enabling developer mode androidHow To Update Android To Latest Version
4.  Changing Boot Logo and Company Name
To make any changes in boot logo (start logo) you have to develop your device by enabling developer mode. Without enabling or using developer options android it is not possible to change a boot logo and manufacturers name (like Mi, Oppo, Samsung etc.)
5.  Enabling Unique and Cool features
In developer mode android there are number of features to use. You can use it for enabling USB debugging, Cell handover purpose, Using simulate secondary display. It has also the features of fixing the animation speed by using window animation scale, Pointer location for pointing out the touched area in a screen. Similarly, to show tap location by enabling ‘show tap’ option, use for choosing default USB configuration, stay awake in charging mode etc.
what is the use of developer mode in android
6.  OEM Unlock
OEM Unlock is also the most used features in developer mode android for unlocking and bypassing the frp (factory reset configuration) after erasing the android mobile data.

Developer mode android Features and functions

Using developer mode android we can access a different features in our device. Developer mode android offers us to use a different development features in our mobile phones. So, lets see the
1) Stay Awake
2) Mock SD card optimization
3) OEM unlocking
4) Multi process WebView
5) Demo Mode
6) USB Debugging
7) Show Taps
8) Pointer Location
9) Show surface updates
10)                Show layout boundaries
11)                Animation scale
12)                Simulate Secondary Display
13)                Don’t keep activities
14)                Background process limit
15)                Second Space
1.  Stay Awake
The first features of developer mode android is stay awake. When we apply this features in our mobile then our mobile phones never get sleep in the time of charging. It means that in the time of charging screen will never sleep.
2.  Mock SD card
Mock SD card features in developer mode android helps to boost your memory card or external storage used in your mobile. This option helps to makes your SD card much faster than normal. It increases the performance of the SD card in mobiles.
3.  OEM Unlocking
The another cool most useful features in developer mode android is OEM Unlocking. OEM Unlocking features makes the users easy to unlock the device or for bypassing the security in an easy way.

developer mode android features

4.  Multi process WebView
This features in developer mode android helps to run WebView renders separately in your device.
5.  Demo Mode
Demo Mode is a new options or features added in developer settings app where you can enable it to see a demo icon in status bar. When you enable demo mode in your mobile then the time shown in the notification bar get stopped, battery and signal (cellular+ WiFi) icons will be displayed as full. To turn off demo mode you can simply undo or off it by going to developer options or reboot the device.
6.  USB Debugging
The most used features and options in developer settings app is USB debugging mode. This mode is used for various purposes like rooting the device, installing the bootloader, installing the driver etc. USB debugging is intended for development purposes only. This is used it to copy data between the computer and mobile. The USB debugging process is always in developer options including usb debugging in miWhat is USB debugging?

developer options android features

7.  Show Taps
It makes easy to use your screen recorder apps by enabling show taps option. When you enable show taps options in your android it shows a one small ball at your tapped area which makes easy to point out the objects in screen recording. 

developer options android
what is developer options

8.  Pointer location
Using pointer location features in your mobile you can make your mobile more relevant to show up. Pointer location draws an angle in your screen in a touched area.
9.  Show surface updates
This is one of the automatic features in developer options app where the entire screen of your smartphone get flash when they get updates.
10.         Show layout boundaries
When this feature is enabled then it shows a margin in your screen. All the contents of screen are shown in the form of box clip boundaries and margins.

developer options android features

11.         Animation Scale
In animation scale you can get three varieties to choose.
a)  Window animation scale
b)  Transition animation scale
c)  Animator duration scale
window animation scale
a)  Window animation scale
In window animation scale you can fix the loading speed of the window or screen. If you want to make your window loading speed fast then you can choose it as default (1x) or below it.
b)  Transition animation scale
It is also like window animation scale. This animation scale helps in making the speed of the window.
c)  Animator duration scale
Animator duration scale helps to maintain the animation duration or speed in your mobile screen.
12.         Simulate secondary display
Simulate secondary display helps to run a multi semi screen in your screen. You can run a many small screens in a single screen using developer settings app.
13.         Don’t keep activities
Don’t keep activities options in developer mode android destroy or close the all running apps and tasks immediately when user left it. It ends every activitiy as soon as the user leave it.

developer options android features

14.         Background process limit
Another common features of developer mode android is limiting the number of process in background. You can limit the number of task and apps to perform it actions by limiting the process like ‘At most 3 processes’.
15.         Second Space
Developer option in redmi or xiaomi offers you an option of choosing and deleting a second space. As compared to other mobile mi developer options have more features. What is kernel in os | what is kernel?
What developer options should i use?
Well there are a lot of options that we have to do in developer options or developer mode. The main use of developer mode is for making a development changes in a device, either it is android or windows. You can use OEM unlock for bypassing the frp options in your android device. Similarly, if you are thinking to root your device then developer option is the core thing for it.
How do I use developer mode?
One can use developer mode by enabling it in settings. You can enable the developer options in any android device for developing the system. You can use developer mode for making any changes in your device. 

Enable developer options

How do I enable developer options on Android?
To enable developer options android you have to follow the simple steps,
1.  Go to settings of your phone
2.  Go to about section or About phone.
3.  Tap or Select or keep on clicking Build version for 7 times. If you are a Xiaomi mobile user then tap on MIUI Version for 7 times. 

what is developer options
developer mode android

4.  Get back to main settings.
5.  Finally, you find an option of developer mode. If not then go to additional or more settings options.
So, using this process you can enable developer mode android like developer options samsung, developer option in redmi, developer option in redmi note 4, developer option in vivo, developer option in redmi note 5 pro, developer option in poco f1 and enable developer options in any android.
This is the post where we discussed in the topic of developer options android, what is developer options, developer mode android, what is developer mode& all about developer options in details. From above it is clear that developer options have a lot of features and options where we can do a many task for development of the device.

DisclaimerDeveloper options is only for development purpose. The use of developer options incorrectly may damage your device. Developer options could expose your device and personal data to security risk and may harm your device. So, recommend you to not to use, if you then please use it wisely and carefully.



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