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Nowadays, short video sharing platform like TikTok is in popular. There are many platforms like TikTok to share the short videos. Likee, is one of the best alternatives of TikTok app but with the arrival of new platform from Google in short video sharing there will be the best competition in them. Recently Google has announced the sort video sharing app like TikTok. In many cases both the app look like somehow same. The main reason to look both the app as like same is due to its short video sharing features.
So, before downloading the app let’s find out what is tangi, how to download tangi app, how to create tangi account and all about google tangi.

What is Tangi

Google Tangi is a short video sharing platform as like TikTok and Likee with the duration up-to 60 seconds. Tangi is that platform where the creators can share their creativity to the users within 60 seconds. As like TikTok in google tangi creators can share the videos in different categories. Google tangi is a free short video sharing app where the creators have an opportunity to make money form their videos as per the views in videos.

download tangi app | Google Tangi App Download
Google Tangi App Download
Tangi is a DIY short video sharing platform to the world with their creative. It’s one of the new products of Google based on Area 120 project. It’s is a beta app form the google. Tangi offers the users to get updated with the latest tips, tricks and creative arts. You can download tangi app and use in your iPhone and Android easily as like another short video sharing app.

Why Tangi Is Better Than TikTok

Although both the app is for sharing the short video but we can find some difference between tiktok and tangi app. The main difference between them is the producer or developer of the app. Tiktok is from Chinese company, Musically but Tangi app is from Google. So, let’s find why tangi is better than tiktok.

1.  Purpose

The main purpose of tiktok is to entertain the audience by voiceover, video dubbing and khurapati acting. In tiktok the creators can share the videos with commons. Basically, in tiktok we can see that the creators dub the videos, play videos in audio and perform voice over but in tangi app it doesn’t facilitates such activities.
In simple we can say that tiktok is for entertainment and tangi is for infotainment. The main objective of tiktok is to make a laugh to the audience but the main motive of tangi is to make an informative to the audience by guiding some extra tips and tricks. So, I prefer you to download tangi app for gaining the tips and tricks for free. The main purpose of tangi is to provide some extra creative purpose short videos which will helps the viewers to get some unique and extra videos which will be informative and useful in daily life.

2.  Earning

Although the creators are getting good feedback and massive numbers of views form TikTok videos they aren’t getting an earning for their work. But now if you are thinking about making the money by sharing your creative videos then the tangi app will be the best option. Using tangi you can get the money as per the views like YouTube. So, Google is giving this golden opportunity for all the people who are wanting to show their creativity. That’s why you have to download the tangi app.

3.  Creativity

We all know that TikTok is based on voice over and dubbing with zero creativity. In TikTok, the creators used to dub the voice, add own played videos in audio. So, do you think is this real creativity? No. But tangi is that platform where you are only able to share your creative videos in an information related category. You can share your creative videos in Cooking, Art, Fashion & Beauty, DIY category. To share your real creativity in a given category Tangi will be the best and more profitable to you.
Tangi app is one of the new apps form the side of Google. It is based on the area 120 project of Google. After finding out what is google tangi, why tangi is better than TikTok here we are going to inform you how to download google tangi app in your smartphones. You can download tangi app easily as a normal app. The main thing is that in initial this app is only available for iOS devices. So, if you are iPhone smartphone users then you can download this app directly from the iPhone App Store easily. You can download the google tangi app directly from the store.
If you are an Android user then it is not available in App form. So, including Android, Desktop and in any platform, you can use and access google tangi and use it form web app in your browser. So, to use google tangi without the app you have to go to the official site. Click here to visit the site.


how to create tangi account

Creating a google tangi account is simple than you think. To create a tangi account it can be done in a few seconds. But if you want to create the creator’s account then you have to follow more additional steps which are highlighted below.
For Viewers and Users
  1. Open the app or go to the site of tangi.
  2. Tap on profile icon and then sign in with google.
  3. Finally Done.
For Creators
Download tangi app and open or go to
download tangi app | Create google tangi account
Create google tangi account
  1. Tap on profile menu and then sign in with the google account.
  2. Here your viewer account will get created.
  3. Now to create creators account you have to tap on ‘APPLY NOW’ option.
  4. It will open Google Forms; here you have to fill out the asked details.
  5. After filling all the details tap on “Submit or Send”
  6. Your application will be sent to the server of tangi. So, after a few days you will get the reply of the team.
  7. Finally Done.


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