Http and Https Difference

Http and Https difference

http and https difference here, we are going to explain about what is http protocol, what is http in computer and difference between http and https.
In the age of technology, we perform almost all the activities through online basis. We use to perform all the transactions through online either is it for shopping or for working and for study. We can say that in this time our times are being expending in internet and website. In daily manner we use to visit different website for different purposes. At all we can say that this modern world is fully depended upon internet and web. So, in this time people are also focusing not only in facilities in internet but security also. To make the connection and online transactions more secure people are searching for best and secure online sites. Therefore, this is the post where we learn about http and https differenceor difference between http and https which is necessary to know by the all internet users. 

http and https difference
http https difference

http and https difference 

If we browse any website in our device either it is computer laptop or mobile phones then before the domain name of the websites or in address bar, we can find one default format called http and https. But did you know which is the best one? More secure and more trusted format in internet website depends upon the use of http and https before the website or blog domain name. If we talk about difference between http and https then we can find some difference in themBefore starting the difference between http and https it is necessary to know What is HTTP and What is HTTPS.
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What is HTTP?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) is a that protocol which is used for data transfer. Using http one can transfer the data in internet and allows you to communicate with other websites. Http protocol is most used protocol for transferring the data and information in worldwide. Although it is a most used protocol the documents and information share using this protocol is not secure as compared to https. 

http and https difference
what is http

what is meant by http

The main reason for not to be a data secure in http protocol is, data (hypertext) share in the http protocol are send in a plain text form which makes the hackers easy to crack out and may steal the shared data. When you enter to any website or domain name then it automatically adds a protocol used in that domain name website or blog. For example, if you enter then it connects that website to http protocol. When you tap or click near to the address of website then it tells that connection is not secure. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is used by http over port 80 for transferring the data all over the web.

what is http protocol

Http protocol is used by a client and server both which allows for communicating in websites and can exchange the hypertext in a plain text form. When a client or user sends a request to Http server, the server replies the request quickly with required data after TCP handshake. Basically, the response or reply message after request may contains the status information like “http/1.1 200 OK

what is http in computer       

In the time of browsing any website in computer or mobile the browser shows a message like “your connection to this site is not secure,”. It also tells that, “Attackers might be able to see the images you’re looking at on this site and trick you by modifying them.” So, from above it is clear that to use a website or blog having http protocol is not secure. It is not secure as like https protocol because in http protocol attackers can crack and monitor our activities in that website. Attackers may steal our useful data like bank account details, different online accounts (Gmail, Facebook) etc. easily in the website having http:// protocol. HTTP Works at Application Layer where all the request information can access easily by the mediator between sender and receiver. All the website having http:// protocol works under non encryption method which makes the hypertext transfer in the website unsecure. While transferring the data in website having http protocol, attackers can steal it or copy out the data easily due to lack of security features in http protocol.

what is hypertext transfer protocol

Http protocol or Hypertext protocol is the old or classic method used in website for transferring the hypertext worldwide. The website or blog using http protocol are also found in these days although it is not more secure as compared to https protocol. Basically, website or blog used http protocols are based on category on education, movies downloading, internet forums websites.
The main reason for why all the websites are not https is SSL Certificate. To run any website in https protocol they must have to use SSL Certificate. In absence of SSL certificates, the website can’t get secure. So, all the website having http protocols are not secure because it lacks ‘S’ means secure.
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What is HTTPS?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) is a secured or and advance form of http protocol. It is a protocol which works under SSL certificate. SSL certificate stands for Secure Socket Layer. Https protocol is also called as Http over TLS and Http over SSL. Http over TLS stands for the use of Http protocol through Transport Layer Security. SSL certificate is based on RSA algorithm. We can also find difference between ssl and https. When we type https:// before any website domain name then the browser request to connect the domain over https protocol. We may have notice that we can see a small lock icon in front or near to the website URL. So, when we tap on that it displays the message like, “Connection is secure, your information (for example passwords or credit card numbers) is private when it is sent to this site” 

http and https difference
what is meant by https

what are secure websites and ssl certificates

       Https protocol transfer the data in encrypted form which make the data more secure to send and receive in internet. Https protocol uses a public key for decrypting the encrypted data. Whereas private key is used for encrypting the data. Https protocol is more secure as compared to http protocol. Due to its decrypting features to any transferred documents it is hard to crack out the documents to an attacker.
Http over https is in practice to make the connection of sending and receiving the data more secure and to be safe from hackers in internet. All the data are transfer in encrypt form in https protocol so it can’t be hacked by hackers. Website https protocol is used in communicating and sending the personal data and information. In https website we can send and fill out the personal data and information with trust because it has granted an SSL certificate. Basically, the use of https protocol is in online transactions website, banking website, ecommerce website, government website, social websites. All the website having SSL certificate starts with
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http and https difference

If we talk about difference between http and https protocol then we can find many differences between http andhttps. So, let’s see the difference between http and https.
Use http:// before domain name
Use https:// before domain name
No any certificates
Use SSL certificates
On Application Layer
Transport Layer
Not secure
Transfer Method
Hypertext Method
Encryption Method
Use Proxy Server Port 80
Use Proxy Server SSL Protected Port 443
Sector of websites
Basically, used in movies downloading, internet forums and education websites.
Basically, and compulsory used in ecommerce websites, online banking etc.

difference between http and https in details

1.  Format Used
All the website having http protocol have a default format in web address like Similarly, website having https protocol have a default format in web address like we can find the difference between http and https on the basis of format used in it. 

http and https difference
difference between http and https

Website and blog having SSL certificate have https protocol in its web address. In another hand, website and blog not having SSL certificate have http protocol. It means that, http doesn’t have any certificate but https has a one certificate to keep the connection secure called SSL certificate.
3.  Operating
Another factor causing http and https difference is operating nature. Website using http protocol are operated or works on application layer for transferring the data throughout the web. Similarly, website using https protocol are operated on Transport layer for transferring the data throughout the web.
http https difference
4.  Security
Another main difference between http and https is one the basis of security. It is treated that website having https protocol is more secure as compared to website having (using) http protocol. This is because, https protocol has SSL certificate. In Https there is the use of ‘S’ means Secure. Privacy is the first priority, so be safe while using internet. 

http https difference
http and https difference 
5.  Encryption
All the data transfer, send and receive in https website are in encrypted form. Encrypted data are more secure in internet while sending and receiving because encrypted data is difficult to crack by the attackers. We can say that, it is quite impossible to hack the data of website having https protocols. In other hand, website having http protocols uses hypertext method for sending and receiving the data in internet which can be hacked by the hackers easily as compared to https. So, http and https difference clear that http is less secure for transferring the data because it uses hypertext method.
difference between http and https
6.  Port Number
Website having http protocol use proxy server port number 80 where as https protocol support Proxy server port 443 based on SSL protected.
7.  Sectors
Basically, http protocol is used in educational website, movie downloading website and different internet forum websites for transferring the data and information. Https protocol is secure protocol which is used in ecommerce website, online banking and website dealing in one sale.
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Both the protocols are equally important to the website. Both (http and https) protocols are used in website for transferring, sharing and receiving the data in internet. From above difference between http and https makes clear that, https protocol in website are more secure because it owns an SSL certificate which secure the website. SSL certificate secure the information and data in that website by using them in decrypt form. So, we can say that the main reason for http and https difference is security. Https protocol is mostly used in Ecommerce website, banking and financing websites and websites related to business and online selling.
       At all, https protocol in website is more beneficial and secure as compared to http protocol. From my personal side I also recommend to all the reader to use website having https protocol for filling out the personal and any information like Gmail account details, Facebook account details, bank, ATM etc.



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