Simple Tricks That Will Make You A Better Photographer

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You feel that you have crossed a specific line, and you no longer want to be a rank amateur, but you want to become an excellent professional photographer, then you will have a fantastic world full of discoveries and searches. Many tops photographers say that photographers are not born; they are made. It is diligence, desire, and enormous creative potential – the key to success. In appearance, it may seem that work is not great – you click the shutter, and now he is ready for a new photo-masterpiece, but even beginners understand that this opinion is wrong and to become a professional photographer will have to learn a lot.

How to become a photographer | Tips for how to get into photography

Photography today is one of the most accessible, fashionable, and at the same time, genuinely creative activities. Having joined the shooting on a mobile phone, eventually, almost every novice photographer thinks about purchasing a professional camera. Having bought it and realizing that a passion may well turn into a profession, many beginners ask themselves the obvious question – how to become a photographer yourself? 

How to become a professional photographer

Basic knowledge of photography
At the very beginning, certain technical and creative foundations are to be learned. First of all, you will need to explore the functionality of your camera fully, to understand all the settings to use them. The theory can be studied independently, but it is much easier to get comfortable with this when an experienced professional explains all the nuances to you. Also, a competent mentor is an excellent motivator and ideological inspirer, who by his example, will tell about everything, as well as point out all the mistakes.
Choose a course
Try photographing in different genres to understand what pictures you get most successful: landscapes, portraits, reportage. Since each type of photograph has its characteristics, and spray on everything at once, it is tough to learn how to apply such a large amount of knowledge in practice properly. To begin with, it is better to choose some priority direction in photo art and to hone your knowledge and skills. With experience, your skills will grow, and you can gradually expand the scope of your interests – try to work in new genres and styles.
A photographer who knows theory only does not exist in principle. The more practice you get, the better you sharpen your professional skills. Contrary to the popular belief that a photographer should be born, it is enough to show a little care, starting to observe everything that happens around and notice new details. An excellent solution is to browse through the portfolio of your favorite photographers at your leisure and write down ideas, thoughts, and even sketches for your future photo projects in a notebook.

Develop yourself

There is a popular expression, not a day without a line, and the photographer should also be guided by the same principle – not a day without a snapshot. Only constant training will help you become a good photographer. It is always more comfortable and more natural to learn when someone oversees this process – analyses your mistakes with you, supports your ideas and initiatives. Now there are many copyright photo schools and individual photo courses, where they teach not only practical and theoretical skills but also offer further work. For those who want to become a professional photographer on their own, there are many options to get information: these are video tutorials, master classes, lectures by famous photo artists online. Study the relevant literature – textbooks will help to master the theoretical basis of photography, and by reading professional photo magazines, you will be aware of new photographic equipment, discoveries, and events in the world of photo art. Favorable will contribute to the development of your creative potential visiting photographic exhibitions and art galleries. With this, do not try to copy someone, notice the details, learn the technique – take the best from the best, and develop your style.

Find yourself
As in any creative path, in the art of photography, it is essential to find yourself, to determine the closest genre. Everyone knows that a good doctor cannot treat all ailments, and a successful photographer cannot shoot at once in all kinds. It is essential to find the one closest to you, and if you get lost in the search, then an experienced mentor can always help with this by analyzing your work and interests. He, like a personal teacher, is designed to help you find individuality in practice, by teaching you to express yourself and tell your future fans and customers stories in photos.
There are moments, which make a photograph better and moments, which make it worse. We call those things rules, which in most cases make a picture more harmonious. There is always an exception, though, and there is just a photograph taken following all the rules, which might seem boring. It is better to know all these rules but at the same time to listen to your sense of harmony.
how to start photography | how to take better photos
Take photos. Many photos. Do not take them at rapid-fire pace making 100 similar photos but to have a camera with you and capture that is going around. Learn to feel the light. A photograph is a daguerreotype, and the view is the first thing about it. Do not try to be just like everyone else. It is terrible. It makes it to where there are similar works at all the websites. Be original so that was you who is copied and when it happens, come up with something new.
Look at works of classics first of all. Ask yourself questions. What makes this photograph unique? Why the author went down in history? It is unlikely to find an artist who does not know the history of art. As for knowledge of photographers, it rarely goes beyond Cartier-Bresson or Newton.
Do not limit yourself to photography. Look at the painting, watch movies, read books, go to the theatre. Get feedback, comments to your photos. Doubt them. To be unsatisfied is not always bad. It is a reason to make it better next time. The sky is the limit.

How to become a professional photographer | How to get into photography

So, by making clear above let’s find out a few more tips. Well, not quite a few… oh, well
1. Installing UV filters on the lens is a waste of time.
2. The lens hood is optional.
3. If you do not use lens shade, remove it.
4. No need to worry about your DSLR camera like a small child.
5. No need to hate other photographers.
6. Use cheap lens caps.
7. If you are going to shoot, take fewer things, you should be mobile and compact.
8. Use zoom for convenience.
9. The fixed lens makes you think carefully.
10. 35 mm lens is the most practical.
11. But 50 mm looks cooler.
12. The best cameras do not always make the best photos.
13. Learn how your camera works before you go to the shooting.
14. Always be ready to take a picture.
15. P-mode is not only for beginners.
16. If necessary, increase ISO significantly.
17. Auto-ISO is your best assistant.
18. Remember the rule of thirds.
19. Take more pictures.
20. No need to photograph bad things.
21. If an image is not good enough, then you are not close enough.
22. Look at the picture.
23. Even the best equipment would not help you if you chose the wrong point for shooting.
24. The sharpness value is overrated.
25. The concept is the main thing.
26. No need to be intrusive, too much to stick to people, watch them and sneak.
27. No need to drink alcohol and take photos at the same time.
28. Go shooting when you are full of energy.
29. Sometimes it is great to get up very early and take pictures.
30. Think about what kind of light you want.
31. Starting to photograph, imitate the style of the great masters.
32. … but do not continue to do so.
33. Photography is a reflection of the photographer.
34. When photographing, think about pleasing yourself and no one else.
35. Taking pictures directionally or tactfully is not the most important thing.
36. Having set the theme of the photoshoot, you remain focused.
37. Change the position and type of things more often, and it will keep them fresh.
38. Every person has a creative bone in the body.
39. Be critical of yourself.
40. To see a photo is not enough; you need to feel it.
41. You should be there with your camera.
42. Relations must be between you and the subject of the photograph, and not between you and the camera.
43. No need to look every photo taken on the camera.
44. Be adamant when you need to remove ugly images.
45. Show only the best work.
46. ​​An uninteresting photo will not become more interesting if you make it black and white.
47. Look at other people’s work.
48. Post photos on the web; listen to critic and advice from others.
49. Yes, it is not easy to get a good shot.
how to start photography | how to take better photos
Besides that,
·                    Use framing, so you can transfer the dynamics of movement and make a good shot.
·                    Use the focus lock AF button – this will eliminate the possibility of pressing the button too hard and not accidentally taking a frame, and when shooting moving objects, they can

be kept in focus until the right moment.

·                    Set the aperture F / 8 – this lens hole will provide enough light and allow you to take clear, not blurry photos.
·                    Use the flash as an additional light source.
·                    To become a professional photographer, you must be able to use Photoshop. Start with the simplest: familiarize yourself with the essential tools and their properties, learn to perform simple operations, gradually move to a higher level, master more complex techniques.
·                    Make a portfolio with your best work.
·                    Try to experiment and dream more, look for sources for your creative inspiration, and do not be afraid to make mistakes, because this does not happen only to those who do nothing.
how to become a professional photographer
Make a statement
Take part in photo contests and photo tours; post your photos on the web with a signature, so a considerable number of people will be able to appreciate your creative possibilities. Potential customers are looking for talented photographers, namely in the World Wide Web. The editor of the world-famous “National Geographics” magazine said that they regularly come across unique photographs of unknown authors with whom they would like to collaborate.

You can organize your photo exhibition – this is an excellent opportunity to express yourself by reading out how to become a photographer, but also make the right contacts listen to the opinions of professionals and ordinary viewers since objective criticism is a good incentive for self-development.

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