What is two step verification?

what is two step verification

what is two step verification or what is 2 factor authentication in Gmail or Facebook? Read what is 2 step verification and what is two way authentication.
In the age of internet nothing is secure either it is your social account or it is your online transaction account. Anything is possible in internet and technology. So, due to this it creates a great problem in maintaining the secrecy in the world of internet. We may hear about the news about hackers who hacked someone’s account and related to hacking of different accounts for stealing the data and do illegal activities called Cyber Crime. Nowadays, internet technology is just like a good servant and bad master. Because if secrecy can’t be maintained in our account then our life and personal data will be useless and may cause in trouble too. In this time privacy is the first priority so to solve the problems related to secrecy and save the account from hackers two step verification is used in practice. So, here we are going to learn all about what is two step verification or what is 2 factor authentication, what is two way authentication and what is google authentication code. 

what is two step verification
what is 2 step verification

what is two step verification

Two step verification (what is 2 step verification) is a security features which adds extra security layer to protect the accounts from unauthorized use. Two step verification is that options which requires an additional information to get log in or access to any registered account. Using two step verification features you can secure any accounts strongly. Two step verification is an important feature in any online accounts which requires a confirmation message code to get access to any account.

What is 2 factor authentication

2 factor authentication is also called as what is 2 factor authentication. 2 factor authentication helps the account holders by providing an additional security layer to their accounts. What is two factor authentication? Two factor authentication is a method of securing the online accounts from hackers and unauthorized login from different system or device. By enabling this features in your online account you can secure your account from hackers although he had cracked your account password, can’t log in to your account. This is because to log in hackers have to enter a confirmation code or OTP (One Time Password) which comes in the registered mobile number (Your mobile number).

What is two way authentication or What is two step authentication

The Two-way authentication or two step authentications also means the same of what is 2 step verification and what is 2 factor authentication. In this time two-way authentication is becomes a compulsory method to protect the accounts from accessing by others and unknown users. Two step verification acts as a protector to online accounts because it is only and the last way to protect the accounts from accessing by others till now. 

what is google authentication code

The verification code or confirmation code send by Google to the users to enter the received code for verifying the ownership of the account before log in process. Google authentication code helps the account holders to save the account from hackers and unauthorized log in.
How does a 2 factor authentication work? | How does 2 step verification work?
After reading all about what is 2 step verification it is clear that two step verification is a part of security to any online accounts. For example, if your Gmail account is cracked by hackers then hackers can easily log in to your account using the password you your Gmail account. But if you had enabled Two step verification in your Gmail account then hackers can’t access to your Gmail account to get log in to your Gmail account although he has your Gmail password. Because the server automatically sends you an OTP message to the registered mobile number. Be sure you have to use your working mobile number in two step verification which makes easy to trace out who is wanting to accessing your Gmail account

Why do I need 2 factor authentication? | Why is two factor authentication necessary?
2 factor authentication is becomes a compulsory method to protect the online accounts from other users although they have our account password. The main reason to enable two factor authentication in any online is to save the accounts from unknown and other users using any devices. To get access on any account the OTP is needed. Account can’t get open or come in use until the OTP or confirmation code is used. Therefore, two step verification is more powerful security layer to any online accounts because it requires an OTP after Password.
How effective is two factor authentication?
In this time the term what is 2 step verification or two factor authentication is seems to be more effective means of security layer to protect any online accounts. If the users have enabled two step verification in his/her account then in the time of enabling this feature, users have to verify the valid mobile number. So, after verifying mobile number the next time users have to enter a confirmation code or OTP sends to the verified mobile number and also the username and password. In case of hackers and other people it becomes impossible to get access to the account where this feature is enabled. Because the users have to enter a confirmation code, which is sends to real account holder mobile number.

Can two step verification be hacked? | Can you bypass Google verification?
In the era of internet nothing is impossible. So, we can’t be 100% sure in anything in the internet because all the things have dual effect (positive and negative). To hack any online account is impossible to a normal people but somehow possible to hackers. If we talk about two step verification security system then it is not an easy way to bypass any account security layer and get access in it. To hack two step verification is impossible because it contains an advance and most powerful security layer which saves your account although the correct password is used.
How do I secure my Gmail account?
The most powerful method to secure any online account including Gmail account is using two step verification. By enabling two step verification in your Gmail account you can monitor your Gmail account. What is Two step verification providing an extra security layer to your Gmail account and saves your account from hackers and attackers in online. So, to secure your Gmail account you have to set a strong and unique password. Also, you have to turn on or enable what is two step verification (Verify) in your Gmail account. 

what is two step verification
what is 2 factor authentication

How do you verify your Google account or enable two step verification?
To enable two step verification in Google account you can follow these simple steps.
1.  Go to https://myaccount.google.com/ from any browser (Recommend: Google Chrome)
2.  Sign in your Gmail account.
3.  Go to ‘Security’ Options.
4.  Tap on 2 Step Verification.
5.  Again, enter your Gmail password.
6.  In ‘Signing in to Google’ option you have to choose ‘2-step verification’.
7.  Click on ‘Get Started’
8.  In ‘Choose another option’ you can choose either ‘Security is key’ or ‘Text message or video call’. Choose any of them and tap or click on “SEE THE PROMT SENT NOW” 

what is two step verification
what is two way authentication

9.  Now in next step it automatically identifies the number through which Gmail account is created. So, you have two options to choose ‘Text message’ or ‘Phone call’.
10.    Choose any one and tap on NEXT.
11.    In “Confirm that it works” it will send you a message (if you choose text message) or make a call (if you choose phone call). In context of text message, you have to enter the code and tap on NEXT.
12.    Tap on or Click on ‘TURN ON’.
13.    Finally Done!
How do I turn off 2 step verification on Gmail without phone?
You can turn off 2 step verification on Gmail account easily by using your computer or device and registered mobile number. To turn off 2 step verification on Gmail you have to follow these simple steps,
1.  Log in and go to https://myaccount.google.com/
2.  Select security then 2 step verification.
3.  Enter your password in log in options and enter confirmation code or OTP received in your mobile number.
4.  Simply, tap on ‘TURN OFF’
What is two step verification code in WhatsApp?
If we talk about WhatsApp then we can get a confirmation code to get log in. In simple way we can say that the verification code or OTP (One Time Password) sent by WhatsApp to the users to enter in log in details to verify the account is yours. As like Gmail account, WhatsApp also sends a confirmation code to secure the account from hackers and from those people who knows others account sensitive details like username, phone number and password.
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what is 2 step verification in Gmail or Why would I get a Google verification code?
Google provides a features of security layer called two step verification in its services like Gmail. In the time of signing up a new account of Gmail Google sends you a confirmation messages to the registered mobile number to verify the account. By going to the account settings of your Gmail account you can enable two step verification. After enabling two step verification in your Gmail account Google sends you a verification code in your mobile number to enter in Gmail account verification or to access to the account. Google verification code is sends to only for the Gmail account which have enables this feature.
How do I change my 2 step verification phone number? | How do I reset my 2 step verification?
To change or reset the two step verification phone number you  have to visit the google website https://myaccount.google.com/ and go to ‘security’. Tap on ‘2 step verification’ then it will flash a message, “Please confirm that it is you before continuinghere you have to enter your Gmail password. Also, it shows a message “A text message with a 2-digit verification code was recently sent to ••• – •••••” So enter the code and tap on next. Here you can simply close or reset 2-step verification in Gmail account.



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